Wrecking Bar 36 Ins

Code: ct0028

36 inch / 915mm Wrecking Bar

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Wrecking Bar 36 Ins
Product Description:
36 inch / 915mm Wrecking Bar

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    The Stubby Combination Spanners set is a versatile collection of short-handled spanners designed for various applications. The set includes sizes ranging from 6mm to 19mm, providing a comprehensive range for different tasks. Crafted from durable CR-V (Chrome Vanadium) material, these spanners offer strength and reliability. The set is neatly organized in a foam storage tray for easy access and storage.

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    Quick Release Grease Coupler

    Introducing the versatile Grease Coupler, available in 1/8″ NPT Female with an M10x1 thread, designed to provide seamless compatibility with a variety of grease equipment. This coupler is adaptable for use with manual grease guns, air grease guns, electric grease guns, and bulk bucket greasers, offering flexibility and convenience in your lubrication tasks.

    Key Features:
    – **Thread Compatibility:** 1/8″ NPT Female with M10x1 thread for universal use.
    – **Versatile Application:** Suitable for manual grease guns, air grease guns, electric grease guns, and bulk bucket greasers.
    – **Quick and Easy Operation:** Easily lock recessed grease fittings and release with the thumb lever.
    – **High Working Pressure:** Capable of handling a working pressure of 10000PSI/690Bar.
    – **Maximum Bursting Pressure:** Withstands a maximum bursting pressure of 15000PSI/1034Bar.
    – **Fitment:** Compatible with all SAE & Metric zerk fittings for broad usability.
    – **Compact Design:** Tiny size allows for easy use in narrow and confined spaces.
    – **Durability:** Suitable for continuous use without damage, leakage, warpage, or typical wear.

    This Grease Coupler is engineered for reliability and ease of use, making it a valuable addition to your lubrication toolkit. Its adaptability and high-pressure handling capability ensure efficient and effective lubrication across various equipment and applications.

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    The 6pc Flexi-Head Socket Wrench Set is a versatile toolset designed for various applications. Here are the key features:

    – **Flexi-Head Design:** The wrenches are equipped with flexi-heads, allowing for greater flexibility and access to tight spaces.

    – **Dual Heads:** Each wrench has dual heads, providing two different socket sizes for increased versatility. The set includes sizes 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, and 19mm.

    – **Material:** The wrenches are made from Chrome Vanadium, a durable and robust material known for its strength and corrosion resistance.

    This set is ideal for automotive and mechanical work where flexibility and access to confined spaces are essential. The dual heads add to the convenience by reducing the need for constant tool switching.

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