Wireless Led Magnetic Lights Kit For Trailer Tractor Agricultural Vehicles E9


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*No more wires!
*Introducing the wireless LED Tail Light! 
*Perfect for all trailer users especially the farmer. 
*Each unit has the strongest magnet on the market so you can feel confident you can drive over ant terrain without having to worry if the tail light is still attached! 
*No tools required to attach simply sit to the best area you want the light on!
*Swap between vehicles and machinery in a matter of seconds. And the best bit is that you don’t need any tools to attach it. (Rubber coated magnet to help prevent slipping)
*This kit is wireless and magnetic.
*How is our set different than other ones on the market ? – It is cable free – it connects to your dashboard without any additional wires getting in the way.
*The lamps powered with batteries, and are entirely rechargeable.
*They are fitted magnetically – enabling them to be swapped between vehicles and machinery with minimal hassle, without any additional tools or adjustments needed.
*They have multiple functions, and can be used in multiple spots and as different lights (rear lighting, indicators, brake lights or number plate lighting)
*Made for farm machinery – extremely durable and long lasting, this kit is made with farmers in mind.
*Recommended for agricultural equipment using EU plug wiring configurations
*If in doubt, please refer to the OEM vehicle manual for application advice.
Additional application notes: 
  • When powering them for the first time make sure to hold the power button on both lamps simultaneously in order to pair them.
  • Ensure 7 pin transmitter is firmly fitted into the 7 pin socket.
  • Ensure antenna is fitted to the 7 pin transmitter correctly and securely.
  • Ensure the electrics and lights on vehicle are fully functional and in good working orders.
  • Check light battery is fully charged
  • Ensure is paired to the correct 7 pin transmitter. If in doubt, repeat the pairing process, refer to user manual.
  • Always consult your vehicle owner’s manual on compatibility with trailer lighting.
  • Ensure LH (left), RH (right) lights are positioned and fitted correctly on the vehicle.
Road Legal :  E9 Mark
Input Voltage:  DC 5V
Working frequency :  2.4GHz 
Radio communication range: 30 Meters
Battery capacity :  2600 MAH
Battery Life: Up to 8 Hours
Charging time : 2-2.5 Hrs
Waterproof Level:  IP65
4 Functions
-Stop /Brake
-Position Tail
-Number plate light
-Sequential indicator
Lights Dimensions :
110mm (4.33″) x 103mm ( 4.05″)
Kit includes
*2x LED Indicator Sealed Cluster Lights
*USB Adapter
*USB Cable
*2.6GHz 7 Pin Transmitter
*Instruction Sheet
*Carry-On Box