Wire Cup Brush Twist Knot 100mm

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Product Description:
4 inch / 100mm Twist Knot Wire Cup Brush

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In stock


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    Track Rod End Remover & Installer 4pc

    Introducing the Track Rod End Remover/Installer Set – 4pc, a versatile kit designed for the swift and effortless removal and replacement of inner steering ball joints. This set eliminates the need to dismantle the steering rack from the bulkhead, streamlining the process of servicing and maintaining the inner steering components.

    Key Features:
    – Track Rod End Remover/Installer Set – 4pc for efficient handling of inner steering ball joints.
    – Allows quick and easy removal and replacement without disassembling the steering rack from the bulkhead.
    – Drive Head Range:
    – 30 – 35mm diameter
    – 35 – 40mm diameter
    – 40 – 45mm diameter

    This specialized kit is an essential addition to your toolkit, offering precision and convenience in the removal and installation of track rod ends. With a drive head range covering diameters from 30mm to 45mm, this set provides versatility for a wide range of applications. Upgrade your workshop with the Track Rod End Remover/Installer Set for efficient and hassle-free inner steering ball joint maintenance.

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    Air Filter/regulator/ Lubricator Heavy-duty

    Introducing the Heavy-duty Air Filter/Regulator/Lubricator designed for versatile use in most workshop air supply setups. Here are its prominent features:

    **Key Features:**
    1. **Die-cast Control Heads:** Durable construction with clear polycarbonate bowls for longevity and easy monitoring.
    2. **Regulator Assembly:** Equipped with a locking control knob for precise air pressure pre-setting and a large, easy-to-read pressure gauge.
    3. **Filter:** Features an automatic drain tap for efficient moisture removal from the air supply.
    4. **Lubricator:** Includes oil/air mix control and a sight glass for easy monitoring of lubrication levels.
    5. **Protection Bowl Cage:** Ensures the safety of the filter and lubricator components.
    6. **Supplied Adaptors:** Comes with 1/2″ BSPT Male-1/4″ BSP Female Adaptors for convenient installation.
    7. **Wall Bracket:** Provided for secure mounting.

    – **Port Size:** 1/2″ BSP
    – **Maximum Supply Pressure:** 150psi
    – **Maximum Outlet Pressure:** 125psi
    – **Maximum Airflow:** 28cfm (at a supply pressure of 100psi)

    Upgrade your workshop air supply system with the reliability and efficiency of the Heavy-duty Air Filter/Regulator/Lubricator.

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  • Cutting Discs & Abrasives

    Wire Cup Brush Twist Knot 75mm

    Product Description:
    3 inch / 75mm Twist Knot Wire Cup Brush

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