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160 Amp Portable Compact Inverter Welder – 15% Duty Cycle

Small is beautiful! Not in every area of life of course, but when it comes to full portability it’s the key and both the ParkerBrand PIW-160-M and PIW-140-M are little beauties that’s for sure – you’ll be singing its praises before you know it.

Light and highly portable, you will find that the ParkerBrand PIW-160-M is invaluable when it comes to working at height or in tight, awkward spots. You won’t be dragging your heels lumping around heavy kit, instead you’ll be able to weld stainless steel, alloy steel, carbon steel and copper with a highly concentrated arc at those vital points.

The PIW-160-M compact welder may be super light and yet impressively powerful for its size, as is the PIW-140-M the 140-amp variant that is also available. Both of these are high-tech welders running off genuinely great boards that pack in the power, fully utilising our advanced inverter technology. With a 15% duty cycle you’ll have time to manoeuvre but still not be hanging around for ever and a day.

In a robust and compact casing this welder is truly ParkerBrand – the price includes not only your leads but also the full kit and kaboodle; a welding mask, wire brush, shoulder strap and carry case. With all this included in the price, when the competition sees this the sparks really will be flying! Beyond that don’t forget that you also benefit from our 2-year warranty and a UK-based service team that provide after sales care that will impress. Small really is beautiful, but here at ParkerBrand we are definitely big on value, quality and service.

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