V300/100 Vertical Compressor

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V300/100 Vertical Compressor

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The SIP V300/100 Vertical Compressor has a space-saving build that is perfect for mobile applications and tight spaces. Designed for trade, workshop, and medium-sized garage operators.

  • 230v (13A) input supply; 2.5hp (1.8kW) motor
  • Oil-free for maintenance-free clean air supply
  • 100ltr receiver; 116psi (8bar) max. pressure
  • 10CFM (283ltr/min) max. piston displacement
  • 6.7CFM (190ltr/min) max. free air delivery (FAD)
  • Vertical space-saving design for tighter spaces
  • Easy-to-read gauges and ergonomic dials built
    into an integrated top-mounted control panel
  • Designed for small workshops and trade use
  • Designed in Italy

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