Tyre machine and Balancer Combi Deal

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Introducing our top-quality wheel balancer, designed to provide exceptional performance and reliability. With its CE-certificate and compliance with ISO 9001 manufacturing standards, you can trust that this wheel balancer meets the highest quality criteria.

The wheel balancer boasts a sleek and modern TOP-Design, enhancing both aesthetics and functionality. Its user-friendly interface ensures easy handling, allowing you to effortlessly operate and navigate the balancer’s features.

Built with a solid construction, this balancer guarantees durability and longevity, making it a wise investment for your business. Featuring a digital display, precise measurements can be easily read, providing accurate balancing results.

Equipped with automatic measurement capabilities and a convenient wheel stop feature, this balancer streamlines the balancing process. With static and dynamic balancing options available, you can achieve optimal wheel balance for a smooth and safe ride.

The balancer offers various selectable programs, including regular, static, Alu1, Alu2, Alu3, and Motorcycle, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of vehicle types. It also includes an integrated calibrate and self-diagnostic program, facilitating accurate calibration and efficient troubleshooting.

For added versatility, optional accessories such as the Motorcycle adapter and Adapter for vehicles without a center hole are available, catering to specific requirements and expanding the balancer’s capabilities.

Invest in our wheel balancer, and experience the benefits of top-notch build quality, user-friendly operation, and precise balancing results.


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Description :
Introducing our high-performance tyre changer, designed to provide efficient and reliable tyre changing operations. With its versatile features and robust construction, this tyre changer is a valuable addition to any automotive workshop.
Featuring an adjustable mounting head, this tyre changer accommodates a wide range of tyre sizes, ensuring versatility and compatibility with various vehicles. The eccentric mounting head tensior further enhances the mounting process, providing secure and precise positioning of the tyre.
Equipped with a powerful bead breaker, this tyre changer effortlessly handles stubborn beads, simplifying the tyre removal process. The self-centering four-jaw clamping system ensures a secure grip on the wheel, allowing for steady and precise tyre removal and installation.
With a large clamping range of 10″ to 22″ for both cars and vans, this tyre changer caters to a wide variety of vehicle types, making it suitable for diverse customer needs. The exchangable plastic protectors help prevent damage to the wheel’s surface during the tyre changing process, ensuring a professional finish.
Driven by a powerful two-way electric motor, this tyre changer delivers reliable and efficient performance, allowing for smooth and effortless operation. The chrome vanadium clamping jaws offer exceptional durability and strength, ensuring long-lasting performance and resistance to wear and tear.
Invest in our tyre changer, and experience the convenience of an adjustable mounting head, powerful bead breaker, and a reliable self-centering clamping system. With its wide range of capabilities and robust construction, this tyre changer is a reliable solution for efficient and professional tyre changing operations in your workshop.
  • Outside clamping 10″ – 19″
  • Inside clamping 12″ – 22″
  • Wheel diameter (max.) 41″ (1040 mm)
  • Wheel width (max.)14″ (355 mm)
  • Bead breaker force 2500 kg
  • Power supply 230V
  • Motor power 1,1 kW
  • Noise level< 75 dB
  • Weight 188 kg
  • Air supply 8 – 10 bar
  • Perfect for motorbike rims
  • Optional motorbike adapter
  • Pressure regulator for service oiler
  • Pneumatic adjustable turntable

plus WHEEL / TYRE BALANCER semi- automatic