Trim Clip Assortment-ford 415pcs

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Assortment of the most common body trim clips found on FORD vehicles.
Fir Tree Shield Retainer 25pcs
Hood Insulation Retainer 30pcs
Push-type Retainer 20pcs
Hood Insulation Retainer 30pcs
Door Trim Panel Retainer 15pcs
Weatherstrip Retainer 40pcs
Square Screw Nut 30pcs
Trim Panel Retainer 10pcs
Tail Light Retainer 35pcs
Fascia Retainer 35pcs
Inner Fender Push-type Retainer 15pcs
Lower Trim Panel Retainer 10pcs
Bumper Cover Push-type Retainer 20pcs
Weatherstrip Retainer 35pcs
Grill to Metal Stamping Retainer 15pcs
Push-type Retainer 20pcs
Front Bumper Stone Deflector Retainer 15pcs
Bumper Push-type Retainer 15pcs


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