Standard Digital Multimeter

Code: el059 / ct0315

Digital Universal Multimeter
3-1/2 Digital Display
Max Reading Of 1999
Overload Protection

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In stock

In stock


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    Battery, Bulb & Fuse Tester

    Multi Tester For Checking Bulbs And Fuses
    For Continuity And Also Batteries For Charge
    Suitable For 1.5 Volt Testing Of: Aaa, Aa,C & D.
    Also 9 Volt Testing Of: Pp3 Batteries
    Comes With 9V Battery

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    Dipetane 1 ltr Fuel Additive Treatment

    Up to 10% Better Fuel Consumption
    Up to 25% Lower Car Emissions
    Protect Your Injectors Against Low Sulphur and Poorly Combusting Fuel)
    Reduces Greenhouse Gas Emissions by up to 25%
    No detergents, no cetane enhancers, no octane boosters, and no heavy metals.

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    6-12V Heavy Duty Circuit Tester

    For Dc 6-12Volts Test
    Handle Illuminates When Circuit Connection Is Complete
    Sharp Steel Probe Easily Pierces Wire Insulation To Check Circuit
    Alligator Clip & 4.5Ft Ground Wire
    Tests Fuses, Light Sockets Etc & Locates Short Circuits
    Spring Flex Protector

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