Socket Bit Extra-long M8 X 800mm

Code: ct4006

Product Description
Save valuable minutes and loosen drive shaft screws from the outside.
Hardened and tempered Chrome Vanadium steel socket.
S2 Steel spline bit extension with phosphate coating.
Knurled ring on socket to assist gripping with oily fingers.
Suitable for VW/AUDI vehicles, on Volkswagen Transporter T4/Touareg

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In stock


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    – Air Inlet: 3/8″
    – Air Outlet: Four 1/4″ universal push-to-connect couplers (2 regulated, 2 unregulated)
    – Operating Pressure: 125 psi max.
    – Inlet Air Pressure: 200 psi max.
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    – Gauge Accuracy: +/-5 psi

    – Four 1/4″ universal push-to-connect couplers for fast and easy air connection, providing flexibility for various tools.
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