SIP 1x Heavy-Duty Anti-Vibration Mount

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The SIP Heavy-Duty Anti-Vibration Mount is a vital accessory for providing added support to lighter – up to 249kg – stationary compressors, helping to extend surface life by reducing vibration and lowering the overall operating noise level. An essential accessory to any garage or workshop environment housing a static compressor.

SIP recommend that for larger compressors, those weighing 250kg or more, they are mounted on ITEM 02357A SIP Heavy-Duty Anti-Vibration Mounts 4pk. Like this mount, this set of 4 provide reliable and stable support for a wide range of compressors.

  • Supports lighter stationary compressors up to 249kg
  • Substantially reduces noise and lessens unit vibration
  • Increases compressor durability and service life
  • Suitable for a range of SIP compressors

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