SIP 16″ 10mtr Ventilator Ducting

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The SIP 16″ 10mtr Ventilator Ducting is designed for use with SIP 16″ Wheel-Mounted Ventilator, and allows simple positioning and durability through a heavy-duty PVC concertina design.

  • 10mtr ducting for 05645 SIP 16″ Portable Ventilator
  • Concertina design for easy movement and storage
  • Multiple ducting sections can be joined together
  • Manufactured from heavy-duty PV

    Technical Description:

    ITEM NO. 05644
    Ducting Length: 10mtr (32.8ft)
    Ducting Diameter: Ø 16″ (400mm)
    Suitable For: 05645
    Net Weight:
    Gross Weight: 10.40kg
    Product Dimensions: N/A(H) x 400(W) x 10000mm(D)
    Packaged Dimensions: 230(H) x 450(W) x 450mm(D)


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