Screw Pitch Gauge

Code: tp121

Measures Internal & External Threads
51 Leaves
Whitworth & Metric 4-62Bsw And 0.25Mm-6Mm
For Automotive & Engineering

8.00 Exc. VAT 6.50

In stock

In stock


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    Battery, Bulb & Fuse Tester

    Multi Tester For Checking Bulbs And Fuses
    For Continuity And Also Batteries For Charge
    Suitable For 1.5 Volt Testing Of: Aaa, Aa,C & D.
    Also 9 Volt Testing Of: Pp3 Batteries
    Comes With 9V Battery

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    Manista Natural Hand Cleanser

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    Alligator Clip & 4.5Ft Ground Wire
    Tests Fuses, Light Sockets Etc & Locates Short Circuits
    Spring Flex Protector

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    Tap And Die Set 32pc Metric Hss

    Product Description:
    32pc HSS Tap and Die Set
    Containing One Tap of Coarse Middle Fine and Die in Each of the Following Sizes
    M3x0.5. M4x0.7. MSxO.8. M5x0.8. M6x1.0. M8xl.25. M10x1.5. M12x1.75
    Tap Wrench – M3-12
    Die Wrench – 25mm 0/D
    Screw Pitch Gauge

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