Screw Extractor Set 5pc Black

Code: ct2359

Product Description:
5pc Screw Extractor Set
Sizes. 3 – 19mm

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In stock

In stock


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    7/8″ X 4M Tow Rope

    Durable and reliable nylon rope for safe towing
    Metal, safety snap hooks ensure a strong hold
    Has towing solution of 4250 pounds maximum vehicle weight
    8500 pounds breaking strength

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  • 5Mm Panel Flanging & Punch Tool
    Body Shop & Trim Kits

    5Mm Panel Flanging & Punch Tool

    The 5mm Panel Flanging & Punch Tool with a rotating head is a versatile tool designed for preparing flanges, punching holes, and spot welding through holes. Here are its key specifications and features:

    **Key Features:**
    – **Rotating Head:** The tool features a rotating head, providing flexibility for various applications. The rotating head allows for punching holes in panels, making it a versatile tool for different sheet metal tasks.
    – **Flanging and Punching Capability:** Capable of crimping edges on sheet metals up to 1mm thickness, making it suitable for a variety of metalworking tasks. It can create smooth and level joints through flanging and punch holes for spot welding operations.
    – **Labour Saving:** Designed as a labour-saving tool, making it efficient and convenient for users. The flexible jaw and crimping capacity enhance its usability for different applications.
    – **Specifications:**
    – Width: 22mm
    – Length: 285mm
    – Punch Diameter: 5mm
    – Crimping Capacity: Up to 13mm

    The 5mm Panel Flanging & Punch Tool is a valuable addition to a metalworker’s toolkit, providing the ability to perform multiple tasks with precision and efficiency in sheet metal work.

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    2lb Copper Hammer with Fibreglass Shaft

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