Push Type Mini Grease Gun+100g Grease Tube

Code: ct4136

Mini Grease Gun Plus 100g Grease Tube
Ideal for Precise Lubrication
like Bike Maintenance

Screw the Mini Gun onto the tube of grease and tighten.
Push the button Several times until resistance is felt to bleed air from the pump.
Push the button gently and steadily to apply grease,
delivery will stop when the button is released.
Max. Pressure : 1000psiDelivery 18g / 40strokes
• N.L.G.I. : #2 Grade
Dropping Point : 180°C ( 356°F )
Usage Temperature Range : -10°C~ 120°C ( 257°F )
Net Weight : 100 g/PC

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In stock


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