Punch And Chisel Set

Code: ct2136

Product Description
4pc Taper Punch Set / Extra Long
4 x 300mm
5 x 350mm
6 x 400mm
8 x 450mm

24.00 Exc. VAT 19.51

In stock

In stock


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    4 Piece Body Filler Applicator Set

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  • Punch and Chisels

    4pc Cold Chisel In Pouch

    Product Description
    4pc Extra Long Chisel Set
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    18 x 300mm
    18 x 350mm
    18 x 400mm

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  • Suspension & Drivetrain Tools

    9 Piece Blind Hole Bearing Puller Set

    Drop forged, heat treated steel attachments.
    Heat treated precision machined steel bolts.
    Black finished and chrome plated for durability.
    Removes gears, pulleys, and steering wheels.
    Separates ball bearings. Including: Slide hammer shaft 390mm/L Hammer WG.100mm/L-2.15LB(940G)
    8~10mm (5/16″~13/32″)
    10~12mm (13/32″~15/32″)
    12~14mm (15/32″~9/19″)
    15~17mm (9/32″~11/16″)
    17~20mm (11/16″~25/32″)
    20~24mm (25/32″~15/16″)
    25~29mm (1″~1-1/8″)
    30~32mm (1-3/16″~1-1/4″)”
    3 pound slide hammer with T-handle

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