Professional Tyre Inflator With Gauge Air Line Tyre Pump Pressure Tester PSI BAR

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Use a simple power button to turn it on and select the desired range. The pressure relief button is used to precisely adjust the pressure on the tire valve.
The rubber shockproof protective cover can effectively protect the digital pressure gauge and ensure its long-term use.
High-end digital chips, displays, test more accurate, more reliable, and cost-effective.
Extend tire life. Excessive tire pressure will shorten tire life and even cause tire rust; too low air pressure will increase the car’s mileage and fluctuations.
▪ Specifications:
Product size: nozzle length 156mm
Product material: zinc alloy   rubber
Maximum range: 220PSI
Resolution: 1psi
Pump Type:Compressed Air Powered
Style:Hand Held
Type:Inflator With Pressure Gauge
Set or Single Item:Single Item
Accessories: Pressure Gauge
Features:Dust Cap Includes Valve Core Removal Tool
Sub-Type:Tyre Pressure Gauge
Voltage:Not specified
Part Type:Pressure Gauge
Portable or Stationary:Portable
Model:Tyre Pressure Gauge Inflator
▪ Package Include:
1x Tyre Pressure Gauge


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