Plastic Clutch Alignment Tool

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Plastic Clutch Alignment Tool

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In stock



Features: –
Suitable For Most Vehicles Under 5 Tons with A Single Plate Clutch
For Easy Alignment and Installation on The Work Bench
All Instructions on Packaging Including Diagrams.

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    1. **Versatile 3/8 Inch Drive:** The Magnetic Socket Holder is designed for 3/8 inch drive sockets, providing a convenient solution for organizing this specific socket size. This standardized drive size is commonly used, making the holder a versatile addition to your toolkit.

    2. **Magnetic Design for Secure Storage:** This socket holder features a magnetic design that securely holds sockets in place. The magnetic force ensures that your sockets stay firmly attached, preventing accidental spills or disorganization. You can confidently store and transport your sockets without the risk of misplacement.

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    4. **Compatibility with Standard and Metric Sockets:** The holder is sized to accommodate both standard (SAE) and metric sockets, providing a comprehensive solution for users with a mix of socket types. Whether you work with standard or metric measurements, this holder has you covered, eliminating the need for separate storage solutions.

    5. **Capacity for Ten Sockets:** With the ability to hold up to ten sockets, this holder offers ample capacity for a variety of applications. Organize your sockets efficiently and keep them within easy reach, minimizing the time spent searching for the right size during your projects.

    6. **Promotes Workspace Order:** Tired of searching for misplaced sockets? The Magnetic Socket Holder promotes workspace order by keeping your sockets neatly organized and readily accessible. Say goodbye to cluttered toolboxes and drawers, and welcome a more streamlined and efficient workspace.

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