Petrol Timing Chain Kit Bmw Mini Citroen Peugeot Chain Drive

Code: CT4436 loc86

E81/87 (05-12), 135iS E82 (07-12)
BMW 3 Series: 316i/ti Compact E46 (01-07), 316i E90/91/92/93 (05-14), 318i/ti Compact E46 (01-07), 318i E90/91/92/93 (05-12), 320i E90/91/92/93 (05-12), 323i E90/91/92/93 (04-11), 325i E90/91/92/93 (04-12), 330i E90/91/92/93 (04-14), 335i E90/91/92/93 (04-14)
BMW 5 Series: 520i E60/61 (07-10), 523i E60/61 (04-10), 525i E60/61 (04-10), 530i E60/61 (05-10)
BMW 6 Series: 630i E63/64 (04-11)
BMW 7 Series: 730i E65/66 (04-12)
BMW X Series: X1 sDrive 18i E84 (10-12), X1 xDrive 18i E84 (10-12), X3 2.0 E83 (05-10), X3 2.5/3.0 E83 (06-10), X5 3.0 E70 (06-10)
BMW Z Series: Z4 2.0 E85/86 (04-09), Z4 2.5/3.0 E85/86 (05-09)
BMW Mini: Clubman (R55) (08-14), Cooper S R55/56 (06-10), Cooper R55/56 (06-10), Mini One R56 (07-10) Mini (R56/57) (08-15)
Citroen: C3 Picasso (09-15), C3 III (10-14), C4 Picasso (08-11), C4 (08-11), C4 II (11-15), DS3 (09-15)
Peugeot: 207 (06-13), 207CC (07-15), 208 (13-15), 2008 (13-15), 308 (07-15), 308CC (09-15), 3008 (09-15), 508 (11-15), 5008 (09-15), RCZ (10-15), Partner III (09-15)
Engine Codes:
BMW: N40; B16A, N42; B18A, B20A, N45T; B16AC, N46; B18, B20, B20B, N46T; B20, B20B, B20BD, B20BZ, B20O2, N52; B25A, B25AE, B30, B30A, B30A/O0, B30AF, B30F, B30U1, N52K; B25A, B25AE, B25AF, B25AF/O1, B25BE, B25U1, B30A, B30AE, B30AF, N53; B25A, B30A, N54; B30A, B30A/AA, B30T0
BMW Mini: N12; B14, B14AB, B16A, N14; B16A, B16CD, B16CD/T0
PSA: EP3 (8FP), EP3 (8FS), EP3C (8FN), EP3C (8FP), EP3C (8FR), EP6 (5FP), EP6 (5FW), EP6C (5FH), EP6C (5FK), EP6C (5FS), EP6C (5FW), EP6CDT (5FE), EP6CDT (5FM), EP6CDT (5FN), EP6CDT (5FV), EP6CDTE (5FR), EP6CDTM (5FE), EP6CDTM (5FM), EP6CDTX (5FU), EP6DT (5FT), EP6DT (5FX), EP6DTE (5FR), EP6DTE (5FX), EP6DTS (5FD), EP6DTS (5FF), EP6DTS (5FY)

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