Offset Screwdriver Bit Holder 50mm

Code: ct1940

50mm Offset Screwdriver Bit Holder / 90 degree Power Bit attachment

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In stock

In stock


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    L-type Self Grip Pliers 8

    8″ Grip Wrench / Locking Pliers
    with 200mm Sliding Jaw
    L-Type Adaptable Self Grip Pliers
    Forged Steel / Nickel plated
    Jaw opening: 200mm
    Nickel plated
    With long arm for various clamping operations

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  • Fuel System Tools

    14 Picec Diesel Compression Tester Set

    Product Code: CT3006

    Product Description:
    14pc Diesel Compression Test Set
    Supplied with Gauge and Adaptors
    Gauge reads 0-1000psi and 0-70bar with 368mm Hose and Release Valve

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  • Battery & Auto Electrics

    92pcs Measuring Cable And Probe Set

    Can be used quickly for adjustment and assists technician in checking the car problems accurately.
    Its variable Resistors can be used to simulate coolant temperature sensor signals, throttle valve sensor signals to vehicle ECU to avoid unnecessary new parts replacement.
    Equipped with 2 sets of LED lights; it can be used to monitor Hall Effect, photoelectric signals, nozzles, electromagnetic valve of transmission shift gears and control signals.
    SRS connector provided can simulate airbag and routed contracting device of safety belt to avoid accident or miss-judgment.
    Complete set of various wires in the case that are suitable for most European, Aerican and Japanese made terminals
    -5kO potentionmeter (Variable resister) 2pc
    -LED stroboscope 2pcs
    -Various automotive flat terminals 48pcs
    -Acicular probe 4pcs
    -Various atomotive circular terminals 24pcs
    -Probe 2pcs
    -1 to 2 connector 2pcs
    -Alligator clip 2pcs
    -1 to 1 connector 4pcs
    -SRS connector 2pcs

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  • 0-10mm Dial Indicator With Stand Holder
    Cylinder & Valve Tools

    0-10mm Dial Indicator With Stand Holder

    The Dial Indicator Gauge comes complete with a magnetic base stand.


    •  The Dial Indicator can be fitted to the stand providing a motionless and stable means of measuring runout.
    •  The solidly constructed base is adjustable and has a fine adjustment feature on the boom arm for precise adjustment.
    •  The base is V-shaped for positioning on curved or cylindrical surfaces.
    •  For added stability, the magnetized base grips solidly to any ferrous metal surface and has a 60kg pull.
    •  The magnet can be turned on and off with the switch.
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