Mercedes Benz Timing Chain Riveting Tool

Code: ct4062-9

For renewing and riveting timing chains
Old timing chain is fed in with help of the new chain
A dismantling of the timing chain case is often not required
Suitable for most Mercedes models
To be used as Mercedes OEM tools:

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    Engine Timing Tool Set For Rover Peugeot Ford Volvo 2.0 & 2.2l D

    Allows inspection and adjustment of engine timing on following models and engines:
    Peugeot: 807 (05-11), 407 (05-11), 607 (05-09)
    engine: DW10UTED4 (RHK), DW10BTED4 (RHR) DW12BTED4 (4HS), (4HP), (4HT), (4HR)
    Citron: C4 (04-10), C5 II (04-10) engine: DW10BTED4 (RHR)
    Land Rover: Freelander (06-10) engine: DW12BTED4, 224DT
    Volvo: S40 (03-10), V50 (06-10), C70 (06-10), S80 (07-10), C30 (906-10), V70 (07-10) engine: D420T 2.0D
    Ford: S Max 2.2 (08-10), Galaxy 2.2 (08-10), Mondeo 2.2, 2.0 (07-10)
    engine: QXBA(2.2), QXWA(2.0), QXBB(2.0), Q4BA(2.2), QXWA(2.0), QXWB(2.0), AZBA(2.0), AZBC(2.0), AZWA(2.0)
    includes following tools:
    – Camshaft Locking, to be used as OEM PSA 0188.M, Ford 303-735, Volvo 999-7122
    – Crankshaft Locking, to be used as OEM PSA 0188.X, Ford 303-1059, Volvo 999-7121
    – Flywheel Locking, to be used as OEM PSA 0188.F, Ford 303-393A (303-393-01, Volvo 999-7119/7120)

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  • Ford Mondeo & Transit 2.0 & 2.4 Tddi-tdci Engine Timing Tools | All Tools Direct

    Ford Mondeo & Transit 2.0 & 2.4 Tddi-tdci Engine Timing Tools

    Engines 2.0&2.4 duratorq 16v.
    To prevent the engine shaft(e.g.camshaft injection pump shaft, crankshaft) to keep them in a speific postion when changing a timing belt or during other engine repairs and to remove and replace the injection pump.
    A:Mounting/demounting tool for the injection
    B:Locking pin crankshaft 14
    C:Locking pin crankshaft 14 10
    D:Locking pin crankshaft 6(3PCS)
    E:Locking pin crankshaft 1.9

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  • Land Rover

    Diesel Engine Timing Kit 12pc Land Rover

    Product Description:
    12pc Land Rover Diesel Engine Timing Kit
    New EDC Manual Transmission Timing Pin
    200 TDI. 300 TDI. 2.5 Diesel Engines
    Crankshaft Damper Puller
    Injection Pump Gear Locking Tool
    Injection Pump Timing Pin 200 / 300 TDI
    Flywheel Timing Tool 200 / 300 TDI
    DPS Pump Timing Tool 2.5
    Flywheel Timing Tool 2.5
    EDC Timing Pin-30Q manual gearbox
    Combined Crankshaft Damper Puller and Fuel Pump Gear Locking Tool

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  • Ford

    Camshaft Engine Timing For Volvo V4 1.6l, 2.0l T4 T5 Engine

    To adjust and fix angle of camshaft and crankshaft.
    Applicable: VOLVO V4 1.6L, 2.0L
    T4, T5 engine.

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