Long Nose Pliers 6inch

Code: PW5836/11

Long tapering jaws for gripping in confined spaces and side cutter for cutting medium hard wire
Fine jaw ends for gripping and manouevring small objects
Induction hardened cutting edges
Serrated jaws for extra grip
Ergonomic soft feel handles

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In stock


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    Oil Drainers & Handling

    9 Litre Manual & Pnuematic Fluid Extractor

    A precision-engineered 9-liter Pneumatic Fluid Extractor designed for efficient and clean fluid extraction processes. This extractor is equipped with advanced pneumatic technology, allowing seamless and controlled fluid retrieval. The 9-liter capacity ensures ample space for extracting various fluids, providing versatility for different applications.

    Crafted with attention to detail, this extractor features a robust design to withstand demanding usage. The pneumatic mechanism facilitates a smooth and hassle-free extraction process, ensuring precision and reliability in fluid evacuation tasks.

    The carefully engineered components of this extractor contribute to its user-friendly nature. A thoughtfully designed control system allows for easy operation, while the 9-liter capacity provides an optimal balance between efficiency and practicality. This extractor is an essential tool for automotive maintenance, industrial applications, and any scenario where precise fluid extraction is paramount.

    Whether used in a professional setting or for personal projects, the 9-liter Pneumatic Fluid Extractor stands out as a reliable and indispensable tool, making fluid extraction tasks more streamlined and effective.

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    Introducing the Pneumatic Brake Fluid Extractor, a vacuum-operated tool powered by normal shop air for efficient fluid extraction. The unit includes a vacuum fluid extractor, bleeding hose, and an automatic refilled bottle, providing a comprehensive solution for brake fluid maintenance.

    Key Features:
    – Operates on normal shop air, making it a pneumatic tool
    – Includes a vacuum fluid extractor, bleeding hose, and automatic refilled bottle
    – New safety design: Automatic shut-off when the tank is full to prevent overflow
    – One-man operation for fast, clean, and easy brake fluid extraction
    – Non-electric spark feature ensures safety in the workshop environment
    – Working pressure: 70~170 Psi
    – Air inlet: 1/4”
    – Tank Capacity: 2.0L
    – Bottle Capacity: 1.0L
    – Air consumption: 5 cfm
    – Suitable for extracting various non-inflammable liquids

    This pneumatic brake fluid extractor is designed for convenient and safe one-man operation, with the added safety feature of automatic shut-off when the tank reaches full capacity. Its versatility allows for the extraction of various non-inflammable liquids, making it an indispensable tool for workshops engaged in fluid maintenance tasks.

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  • Combination Pliers

    Diagonal Cutting Pliers 160MM

    Chrome Vanadium Steel
    Induction Hardened Cutting Edge
    Tapered Head For Accessing Tight Spaces
    Soft Ergonomic Grip

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