Hand Riveting Tool

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Hand Riveting Tool

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Hand Riveter

Hand Riveting Tool

Rivet Sizes: 2.4

All-Purpose Hand Riveting Tool

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    Power Steer Pump Pulley Kit

    Works on Ford, GM, and Chrysler vehicles with Saginaw, Thompson and Ford C111 and C2 power steering pumps.
    Fits 1 1/8″, 1 1/4″, 1 5/16″, and 1 3/8″ pulley hub diameters including 1988 and newer GM cars equipped with Quad 4 engines; 1991 and newer GM minivans with 3.1 L and 3800 V-6 engines; 1991 to current Ford 4.6L engines with a metric shaft.
    Also includes No 7931 spacer for work on Chrysler Cirrus, Dodge Stratus and Plymouth Breeze

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    1/4″ Clicker Torque Wrench

    The 1/4 inch Drive Torque Wrench is a click-type torque wrench, representing one of the most common styles in the category. This versatile tool allows users to set the desired torque by twisting the handle until an indicator aligns with the needed torque value. When tightening a bolt, the wrench produces a distinct clicking sound, serving as an audible indicator when the preset torque is reached. With a torque range of 20-200 in/lb or 23-230 cm/kg, this wrench provides precision and reliability for various automotive applications.

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    The Exhaust Hanger Pliers are designed for efficiently removing rubber grommets from exhaust mounts. This versatile tool is compatible with a wide range of vehicles and models, making it suitable for various automotive applications. Key features of these pliers include:

    – **Purpose:** Specifically crafted for the removal of rubber grommets from exhaust mounts, facilitating exhaust system maintenance and repairs.

    – **Compatibility:** Fits a broad spectrum of vehicles and models, providing a universal solution for exhaust hanger removal.

    – **Time and Energy Saving:** The design of these pliers is engineered to streamline the removal process, saving both time and energy during exhaust system tasks.

    – **Long Rubber-Dipped Handles:** The pliers are equipped with long handles that are rubber-dipped, offering a comfortable and secure grip while also protecting the user from the heat of the exhaust system.

    These Exhaust Hanger Pliers are an essential tool for automotive professionals and DIY enthusiasts, ensuring efficient and hassle-free removal of rubber grommets from exhaust mounts across various vehicle types.

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