Exhaust Assembly Paste 300g

Code: HMTN0901A

Aids in the assembly of exhaust components by providing a gas tight seal around flanges and gaskets. Resistance to very high temperatures.

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In stock


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    The 3pc Flexible Screwdriver Set with Bits is a versatile and practical toolset designed for various applications. The set includes flexible screwdrivers with a 600mm long flexi-shaft, allowing for easy access to confined and hard-to-reach spaces. The set comprises the following components:

    1. 600mm Long Flexi-Shaft Drivers (3 pieces)
    2. 7mm Socket Driver
    3. 1/4in.Dr Socket Driver
    4. Screwdriver Bit Holder
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    The flexible shafts enable users to reach screws in tight corners or awkward angles, making it ideal for automotive, DIY, and other tasks. The inclusion of socket drivers and a variety of bits enhances the set’s versatility. Whether you’re a professional or a DIY enthusiast, this flexible screwdriver set is a valuable addition to your toolkit.

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    5Pc Oxygen Sensor & Thread Chaser Set

    22Mm, 3/8″ Drive 80Mm Deep
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    22Mm 1/2″ Drive Offset, 50Mm High
    Thread Chasers M12 X 1.25Mm And M18 X 1.5Mm
    Cut Out Slots For Wiring Harness Etc

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