Engine Timing Tool Set For Ford 1.0 3-cylinder Ecoboost

Code: ct4856-9

Specially Designed for Aligning the Engine Timing for Ford 1.0 Ecoboost (SCTi) Engines.
Ford 1.0 Turbo, 3 Cylinder, Ecoboost (Belt in Oil) Petrol Engine.
Fiesta, EcoSport, Focus, B-Max, Transit Courier, Focus, Transit Connect, C-Max, Tourneo Connect, Grand C-max.
Engine Code: M1DA, P4JA, XMJA, M1JA, P4JB, XMJB, M2DA, SFJA, M2GA, SFJB.
FM Number: 3031054, 303748, 3031097, 3031059, 303735, 3031552, 21-162B, 303-376, 303-376B, 21-163, 303-620

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  • Ford

    Engine Timing Tool Set For Rover Peugeot Ford Volvo 2.0 & 2.2l D

    Allows inspection and adjustment of engine timing on following models and engines:
    Peugeot: 807 (05-11), 407 (05-11), 607 (05-09)
    engine: DW10UTED4 (RHK), DW10BTED4 (RHR) DW12BTED4 (4HS), (4HP), (4HT), (4HR)
    Citron: C4 (04-10), C5 II (04-10) engine: DW10BTED4 (RHR)
    Land Rover: Freelander (06-10) engine: DW12BTED4, 224DT
    Volvo: S40 (03-10), V50 (06-10), C70 (06-10), S80 (07-10), C30 (906-10), V70 (07-10) engine: D420T 2.0D
    Ford: S Max 2.2 (08-10), Galaxy 2.2 (08-10), Mondeo 2.2, 2.0 (07-10)
    engine: QXBA(2.2), QXWA(2.0), QXBB(2.0), Q4BA(2.2), QXWA(2.0), QXWB(2.0), AZBA(2.0), AZBC(2.0), AZWA(2.0)
    includes following tools:
    – Camshaft Locking, to be used as OEM PSA 0188.M, Ford 303-735, Volvo 999-7122
    – Crankshaft Locking, to be used as OEM PSA 0188.X, Ford 303-1059, Volvo 999-7121
    – Flywheel Locking, to be used as OEM PSA 0188.F, Ford 303-393A (303-393-01, Volvo 999-7119/7120)

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  • Audi

    Engine Timing Tool Set For Vw Vag With Chain

    For checking and adjusting the engine timing
    Suitable for Audi V6, V8 and V10 engines with chain
    – camshaft locking tool
    (use as OEM T40070)
    – crankshaft locking pin
    (use as OEM T40069)
    – chain tensioner locking pin
    (use as OEM T40071)

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    Diesel Engine Setting/locking Tool Set

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    Engine Timing Tools Set – Ford & Mazda

    Suitable for a wide range of modern Ford vehicles.
    Also suitable for some Mazda vehicles.
    Kit consists of camshaft and flywheel locking tools, various timing pins plus a camshaft sprocket removal tool.
    Flesta/Courier (00-00), Focus (98-00), Focus (04-08), Focus C-Max (03-08), Mondeo (07-08), Tourneo Connect (02-08), Transit Connect (02-08), Fusion (02-08), S-Max (06-08), Galaxy (06-08)

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