Eclipse Quick Release Mechanics Vice 8″

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Body and Side jaw are manufactured from a precision cast iron with hardened steel jaw plates for excellent shock absorbing properties and maximum strength & durability.

Effortless fast release lever mechanism ensures vice can be opened & closed without using the main screw allowing rapid movement of the slide.

Workpieces can be quickly interchanged saving time in the workshop.

Sliding jaw is precision milled to a high tolerance for a fast smooth operation.

Tommy bar is made from high quality steel and will bend before the vice becomes over stressed.

Includes an anvil on the rear of the body for beating andhammering work pieces.

360º swivel rotation.

3 Lug heavy duty reinforced base.

Permanent pipe jaws.

Jaw Width : 200mm (8″)

Throat Depth : 92mm

Jaw Opening: 254mm

Clamping Force Kg f (Max) : 4000 kg f

Net Weight : 33 kg

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Constructed from precision cast iron, both the body and side jaw of this vice feature hardened steel jaw plates, ensuring exceptional shock-absorbing properties and unmatched strength and durability. The effortless fast-release lever mechanism allows for quick opening and closing without engaging the main screw, facilitating rapid movement of the slide and saving valuable time in the workshop.

The sliding jaw is meticulously milled to high tolerances, ensuring a fast and smooth operation when handling workpieces. The high-quality steel Tommy bar is designed to bend before the vice becomes over-stressed, adding an extra layer of durability to this versatile tool.

Equipped with an anvil on the rear of the body, this vice is ideal for beating and hammering workpieces. The 360º swivel rotation feature enhances flexibility, and the three-lug heavy-duty reinforced base ensures stability during operation. Permanent pipe jaws further contribute to the vice’s adaptability.

With a jaw width of 200mm (8 inches), a throat depth of 92mm, and a generous jaw opening of 254mm, this vice provides ample clamping space for various workpieces. Delivering a robust clamping force of 4000 kg f (maximum), the vice is both powerful and reliable. Despite its impressive capabilities, it maintains a manageable net weight of 33 kg, making it a practical and efficient addition to any workshop.

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