Eclipse EMPV-5 Multi Purpose Vice 5″

Code: EMPV-5

Manufactured from precision cast iron with hardened steel jaw plates
Jaw Width: 125mm (5″)
Throat Depth: 67mm
Jaw Opening: 125mm
Clamping Force (max): 3500 Kgf
Net weight: 15.0 Kg

139.00 Exc. VAT 113.01

In stock

In stock


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    Withstands heavy duty working conditions
    Guarded release trigger protects against accidental release while also enabling the tool to be quickly unlocked when required
    Serrated and hardened jaws provide a firm grip
    Screw adjusts to fit the work piece and exerts a pressure that is maintained even after repetitive use
    Eclipse professional tools have been selling since 1909

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    Dipetane 1 ltr Fuel Additive Treatment

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