Disc Brake Piston Compressor 4 Pistons

Code: ct0078

Special wider pusher design to use on 4 pistons vehicle.
• Pusher width: 88mm
• Applicable: BENZ, BMW, and 4 pistons vehicle.

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In stock


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  • Rear Suspension Bushing Tool For BMW X5 E53
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    Rear Suspension Bushing Tool For BMW X5 E53


    • Suitable for the installation and removal of the rear axle carrier bushings.
    • Can be used in without removing the rear subframe assembly from the vehicle.
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  • OPEL / Vauxhall

    Opel/vauxhall 1.0 1.2 1.4 Turbo Engine Timing Tools Set

    Application: Adam, Ampera, Astra-J, Aveo, Corsa-D, Insignia, Meriva-B, Mokka, Zafira-C Tourer
    Designed to lock the cam and crank shafts in position to allow the removal and replacement of the timing chain fitted to the Vauxhall/Opel twin Cam engines below.
    Removal of the timing chain will require the removal of the sump.
    Ensure the engine is at TDC No 1 cylinder.
    Ensure the chain tensioner is fully retracted and held in the retracted position using a suitable pin.
    Remove the crankshaft pulley using an appropriate pulley holding tool.
    Crankshaft Locking Pin
    Camshaft Setting Plate
    VVT Sensor Setting Tool (1.0L)
    VVT Sensor Setting Tool (1.2 & 1.4L)
    Camshaft Sprocket Holding Tool
    Tensioner Locking Pin 2pcs

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  • Straps & Tie Downs

    Wheel Straps (2 pack)

    The wheel straps are a universal fitting for all cars and vans and may be used with any chassis length or wheel size.

    Ideal for use with expensive alloys of all sizes.
    The strap includes the wear sleeve that helps keep the link strap in position.
    Car Transporter and Recovery applications.
    Available as a standard 0.5m length.

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