Dial Multimeter

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Dial Analogue Multimeter
For Use On Automotive Electrics

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In stock



Dial Analogue Multimeter
For Use On Automotive Electrics
Uses 1 X Aa Battery (Included)

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    Introducing the Adjustable Propshaft Separator, a versatile tool designed to fit most makes and models of vehicles (excluding Seat). This propshaft separator provides a convenient and efficient solution for tasks related to propshaft maintenance and separation.

    Key Features:
    – **Adjustable Design:** Allows for flexibility and compatibility with various vehicle makes and models.
    – **Versatile Use:** Ideal for propshaft separation tasks in automotive maintenance.
    – **Wide Compatibility:** Fits most vehicles with the exception of Seat models.
    – **Ease of Application:** Simplifies propshaft-related procedures in workshops or garages.

    Whether you’re a professional mechanic or an automotive enthusiast, the Adjustable Propshaft Separator is a valuable tool for your toolkit, providing the adaptability needed for a range of vehicle maintenance tasks.

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    Holts Gun Gum Exhaust / Silencer Repair Paste

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    Full instructions on back of Tin.
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    Tap And Die Set 32pc Metric Hss

    Introducing our 32-piece High-Speed Steel (HSS) Tap and Die Set – the comprehensive solution for your threading needs. This versatile set equips you with a range of taps and dies in different sizes to handle various threading applications.

    **Key Features:**

    1. **Multiple Sizes:**
    – Contains one tap of coarse, middle, and fine pitch, as well as one die in each of the following sizes:
    – M3x0.5
    – M4x0.7
    – M5x0.8
    – M6x1.0
    – M8x1.25
    – M10x1.5
    – M12x1.75

    2. **Tap and Die Variety:**
    – Coarse, middle, and fine pitch taps for versatility in threading applications.
    – Comprehensive set covering a range of common sizes.

    3. **Convenient Accessories:**
    – Tap wrench for sizes M3-12.
    – Die wrench with a 25mm outer diameter.
    – Screwdriver for added convenience.
    – Screw pitch gauge for accurate measurements.

    Upgrade your workshop or toolkit with our 32pc HSS Tap and Die Set, offering quality and precision for all your threading needs. This set is designed to provide you with the tools necessary for reliable and efficient thread cutting across various applications. Trust in the durability and performance of our HSS tools.

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    Tap And Die Set – 20pc

    Introducing our 20-piece Tap and Die Set, a versatile solution for threading tasks on mild steel or aluminum. This set provides a comprehensive selection of metric dies and taper taps, along with essential accessories for your convenience.

    **Key Features:**

    1. **Metric Die Sizes:**
    – 8 metric die sizes to cover a range of threading needs:
    – M3 x 0.4
    – M4 x 0.7
    – M5 x 0.8
    – M6 x 1.0
    – M7 x 1.0
    – M8 x 1.25
    – M12 x 1.75
    – Die 1/8 inch NPT

    2. **Metric Taper Taps:**
    – 8 metric taper taps corresponding to the metric die sizes for versatile application.

    3. **Bar Type Tap Wrench:**
    – A bar type tap wrench for easy and efficient use of the taps.

    4. **Die Holder:**
    – Included die holder for stability and precision during the threading process.

    5. **Cleaning and Re-threading:**
    – Suitable for cleaning and re-threading both mild steel and aluminum materials.

    Upgrade your workshop capabilities with this 20-piece Tap and Die Set, offering precision and reliability for various threading applications. Trust in the quality of our tools for consistent and efficient performance.

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