Cylinder Head Service Set Professional

Code: ct3614

Complete upper engine service kit enables in situ removal and replacement of valve springs and guides/bushings.
Suitable for 8, 16 and 24 valve engines.
Set Includes:Universal Valve Spring Compressor
Valve Collet Replacement Tool
Valve Stem Seal Pliers Long/Straight
Valve Stem Seal Pliers Long/Angled

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In stock


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    12V Digital Battery Tester
    125A digital battery load tester for 12V DC lead acid batteries
    Quick and easy to use digital display and battery condition LEDs give a very clear indication of the test results
    Includes inbuilt starter crank test procedure and CCA setting 200 – 1000 to enable the unit to be set to the battery?s cold cranking amp rating
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    Fan Clutch Tools Set

    Kit Contains (7 pieces), Including 5 Mercedes Tools a BMW Water pump Hub Holding Tool plus 2 Thin Wrenches.
    1) Hub Securing Bar 113-0040 Used for securing Water Pump hub from rotating during R&R of Fan clutch nut. This holder bolts onto the hub, as the poly v-belt is not in place and cannot be used to lock the hub. Applicable: Mercedes M112 & M113
    2) Locking Hook needed for securing the visco fan coupling during R&R of 8mm hex fastener w/o removing the radiator: Mercedes M103
    3+4) Wrench / Holding Bar. This is similar to Benz Number 900-589-0307-00. Comes complete with 8 and 10mm Allen bits. The 8mm is needed for R&R of fan clutch fastener. Applicable: Mercedes M103, 104, 111, 119, 120 OM 602, 603, 605, 606. The 10mm is used for adjusting A/C belt tension and R&R of idler pulley: Models 420, 560 with V-819 86 and Newer.
    5) Thin Wrench 65mm with an 8mm overall thickness and an overall length of 16 inches for proper leverage. Mercedes ref: 120-589-0201-00. Applicable: Mercedes M103 (6 CYL , M104 (6 CYL 4 VLV),M119 (8 CYL 4 VLV) M120 (12 CYL 4 VLV)
    6+7) BMW Double Water Pump Tool This special tool covers most popular applications used for securing Water Pump Hub from rotating during R & R of Fan Clutch Nut. Applicable: BMW M10, M20, M30, M40, M41, M42, M50, M60, M62Fan Clutch Tools Set

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  • Cylinder & Valve Tools

    Valve Seal Removal And Installer Kit

    Product Description:
    11pc Valve Seal Remover and Installer Kit
    Valve Stem Seal Pliers
    Drive Handle – 6 inch / 150mm
    Deep Seal Sockets – O.D 10.8 – 14.8mm
    Adaptors – 5. 5.5. 6. 6.5. 7. 8mm and 3/8 inch

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