Cv Boot Tool

Code: ct5124

This tool allows the user to renew the CV boot of a vehicle without dismantling the CV joint
Steel centre
Size: fExt.: 10cm / f Int.: 9.3cm
Length: 32.1cm / Full length: 40.7cm

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In stock

In stock


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    Gauge: 0.3mm (Fine)
    Max Speed (RPM): 6500
    1 x Steel wire wheel brush
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    Diesel locking Kit Renault nissan opel 1.6 Dci cdti-m9r m9t

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    Includes a crankshaft holding tool.
    OEM Tools:
    M0T1969, MOT1970, MOT1773, EN-48330, EN-48332,EN-48334, EN-48831, KM-6130

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