Clean Water Pump 240v 400w

Code: Ct2350

Water Pump – 230V Clean water
230V Clean Water Pump
400W 50Hz Motor
10m Cable
Maximum Delivery Height 8M
Maximum Submersion Depth 5M
Maximum Delivery Capacity 120 Litres Per Minute
Maximum Grain Size 25mm
Accepts Pipe Diameters- 1in. 1.1/4in. and 1.1/2in.

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In stock

In stock


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    24pc Surface Preparation Set
    1 / 2 / 3in. Abrasive Pads
    40 / 60 / 80 / 100 / 180 Grit
    3 Arbors / Backing Pads 6mm Shanks
    Suitable for removing scratches / rust / corrosion / gasket material

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    Max Speed (RPM): 12,500 Semi-Flat Wheel Brush

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    Black Sanding Discs:
    Offer continue uniform cutting force.
    When working, grinding particle removes target coating, while tiny fiber polishes the scratch, leaving a glossy surface, a great coating removal disc, perfect for coating/rust/dirt removal.
    The cellular structure prevents sanding dust from flying, no spark, no vestige, low noise.
    SiC Sanding Discs:
    Superior hardness particle provides strong fast cutting, irregular fracture and collapse broken happens when grinding, which keeps producing new edges and corners, making surface conditioning disc always sharp.
    Open-mesh 3D structure, fits various shapes, works well even on rugged surface.
    Aluminium Oxide Discs:
    Combine quality aluminium oxide sandpaper and strong R-lock shank base, making quick work of general grinding, deburring, welds/paints/oxidation layer removal, prep condition all types of surfaces.
    Quick Change and Tight Connection Design:
    Quick change discs, unique safety torque spiral allows to replace disc quickly, just twist it to remove or connect.
    When sanding disc is working, thread direction of disc is opposite to the force of friction, which makes the connection between disc and tray/holder more and more tight, ensures steady working even in high speed.
    15PCS SiC Sanding Discs:
    5pc 2″yellow nylon sand disc (Coarse)
    5pc 2″ red nylon sand disc (Medium)
    5pc 2″ blue nylon sand disc (Fine)
    15PCS Aluminium Oxide Discs:
    5pc 2″ sandpaper sand disc (60 Grit)
    5pc 2″ sandpaper sand disc (80 Grit)
    5pc 2″ sandpaper sand disc (100 Grit)
    1pc 1/4 inch tray holder
    4pc 2″ Black Sanding discs
    Maximum operating speed: 12000rpm

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