Burger Combination Tail Light

Code: tm0761

Our led rear lamps results not only in reduced energy consumption, large financial savings but also most importantly reduced down times due to bulb change. This Tail light has the following specifications. 12-24 volts,140 x 60 mm, easily mounted, CE approved

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In stock

In stock


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    Bearing Separator Set – 2pc

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  • 9pc Oil Filter Wrench
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    This set allows you to quickly and easily change the oil filter without damaging the housing.
    This Comprehensive set is suitable for both new and original type oil filter housings the unique Design grips the oil filter without Slipping.
    For use either by professional mechanics, technicians, or enthusiastic Diy’ers.

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    Introducing our 30pc Cup Type Filter Wrench Set, a comprehensive solution for efficient and precise oil filter removal. This versatile set is meticulously crafted to cater to a diverse range of oil filter sizes, ensuring compatibility with various automotive models. The inclusion of different flutes and a 3 Leg Oil Filter Wrench enhances flexibility during maintenance tasks.

    **Key Features:**

    – **Filter Wrench Sizes (Flutes):**
    – 6 – 45 Flutes
    – This set covers a broad spectrum of sizes ranging from 66mm to 108mm, accommodating a variety of oil filters found in different vehicles.

    – **3 Leg Oil Filter Wrench:**
    – Equipped with a 3/8in. Drive for seamless and convenient use.
    – Includes a 1/2 F to 3/8 M Drive Adaptor, adding versatility to your toolkit.

    – **Flute Sizes:**
    – 6 Flutes: 66mm
    – 8 Flutes: 76mm
    – 10 Flutes: 92mm
    – 12 Flutes: 76mm
    – 14 Flutes: 65

    Upgrade your toolkit with this comprehensive 30pc Cup Type Filter Wrench Set, designed to meet the diverse needs of automotive maintenance. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or an avid DIY enthusiast, this set provides the flexibility and reliability necessary for various oil filter removal tasks.

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