Brake Bleeder + Adaptors

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Professional Brake Bleeder and Adaptors with PCL Air Fitting

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  • Press & Pull Tools

    6pcs Wiper Arm Puller Set

    Spindle end with brass cap to prevent damage to the windscreen wiper arm
    Suitable for many automobiles and commercial vehicles.
    No damage to the wipers , shaft, crashing the paint ,no damage to glass.
    Heavy execution for loosening the tightest of wiper arms.
    VW: Polo, Lupo
    Opel: Astra G, Zaphira B, Corsa C, Vectra C,
    Honda: Jazz, CRV, FRV, Accord, Turnier.
    BMW: 5er Modell ab E 39 bis Baujahr 05. 7er Modell ab E 38 bis Baujahr 05.
    Audi: A3, A4, A5, A6. Audi Q7 and other SUVs.
    Ford: Galaxy, Alhambra Mercedes: A-Klasse und B-Klasse ab Bj. 05
    VW: Touareg , Porsche Cheyenne and andere SUV.

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  • Brake Service Tools

    Pneumatic Pressure Bleeder Kit

    One-man pressure brake and clutch bleeding system suitable for the professional workshop.
    Low pressure tank (20-40psi) can be pre-charged with compressed air – making the unit fully portable.
    Large reservoir means reduced risk of running the system dry during bleeding process or complete fluid change.
    Suitable for use on ABS systems.
    Supplied with a range of European, Japanese and US vehicle adaptors.

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  • Oil Filter Wrench With Strap
    Oil Filter & Sump Tools

    Oil Filter Wrench With Strap


    • For removing all oil filters up to 120mm diameter without damage
    • For use with 1/2” square drive accessory or 13/16” AF (21mm) open-end spanner
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  • Brake Service Tools

    mini PIPE BENDER

    Bends Pipe Sizes 6,8 & 10Mm
    Will Also Bend 3/16 Copper Brake Pipe Etc Up To 180°
    Length 260Mm

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