Bmw Engine Timing Tool-n51 N52 N53 N54 N55

Code: ct4170-9

For installing and removal of camshaft/variable camshaft unit
Equivalent to BMW factory tool numbers:
110 300 T.D.C pin
114 280 Camshaft Alignment Jig
119 340 Tensioner Adjuster
114 290 Setting Gauge
118 520 Setting Gauge
Applicable: BMW 6 cylinder engines: N51 N52 N53 N54 N55
E60: 23i,523Li,525i,525Li,525xi,528i,528xi,530i,530Li,530xi,535i,535xi
E61/E63: 523i,525i,525xi,530i,530xi,535xi,630i
E64/E65: 630i,730i
E66/E70: 730Li,X5 3.0Si
E81/E82: 130i,135is
E93 : 325i,328i,330i,335i
E83 : X3 2.5i,2.5Si,3.0i,3.0Si
E85/E86: Z4 2.5i,2.5Si,3.0i,3.0Si,Z4 3.0Si
E87/E90: 130i,323i,325i,325xi,328i,328xi,330i,330xi,335i,335xi
E91 : 323i,325i,325xi,328i,328xi,330i,330xi,335i,335xi
E92 : 323i,325i,325xi,328i,328xi,330i,330xi,335i

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