Blind Hole Bearing Puller Set

Code: ct3245 / s-b5sh


shaft: slide hammer shaft 390mm/L
hammer WG.100mml/L-2.15LB(940g)
8mm 5/16” to 13/32”(8-10mm)
10mm 13/32” to 15/32”(10-12mm)
12mm 15/32” to 9/16”(12-14mm)
15mm 19/32” to 11/16”(15-17mm)
17mm 11/16” to 25/32” (17-20mm)
20mm 25/32” to 15/16” (20-24mm)

25mm 1” to 1-1/8” (25-29mm)
30mm 1-3/16” to 1-1/4” (30-32mm)


Blind Hole Inner Bearing Puller Slide Hammer
Designed to Pull out inner bearings without damaging any of the surrounding parts. Very easy to use, just slide in one of the for Adapters which will fit best and open up the clamps by turning the handle clockwise – connect the slide hammer to the adapter an start to pull out the bearing by sliding the weight backwards, Set includes: Slide Hammer – total length 375 mm, weight 1.44 kg, Sliding weight 915 gram 4x different Adapter (collets): 10 – 14 mm, 15-19 mm, 18-25 mm and 25 – 32 m capacity


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In stock


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