Bearing Extractor Set 16pc

Code: ct3385

8-11mm, 12-17mm, 18-23mm, 24-29mm,
30-34mm, 34-38mm, 39-43mm,39-43mm,
44-48mm, 49-53mm, 54-58mm THREAD:
M10x1.5p, M10x1.5P, M8x1.25p, M10x1.5p, M6x1.0p

108.70 Exc. VAT 88.37

In stock

In stock


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    Fuel Retriever 1.5 Litre

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  • Suspension & Drivetrain Tools

    Wheel Hub Bearing Unit Tool For Vw 62mm

    Facilitates assembly and disassembly of wheel hub-bearing unit
    High-strength ball bearing fitted spindle
    – pressure plate with 8 holes
    – 5 bolts
    – 1 pair of divided dismantling shells
    – 1 dismantling plate
    – 1 pair of divided mounting shells
    – 1 mounting plate

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  • Ford

    Timing Kit Ford 1.6 Ti-vct 1.6 Duratec Ecoboost C-max Fiesta Focus

    Kit covers timing belt replacement on Ford 1.6 Duratec engines with variable valve timing. Camshaft, crankshaft and flywheel pins are also suitable for many other petrol and diesel Ford engines.
    A. Tensioner Pulley Locking Pin 303 1054
    B. Crankshaft Locking Tool 303 748
    C. Camshaft Sprocket Locking Tool 303 1097
    D. Flywheel Timing Pin 303 1059
    E. Camshaft/Crankshaft Pin 303 735
    F. Camshaft Setting Bar 303 1552
    G. Camshaft Setting Plate 21-162B/303-376/303-376B
    H. Crank TDC Location Pin 21-163/303-620
    Used to lock the camshafts in their timed position when engine repair or rebuild requires the cam pulleys to be removed and timed.
    Applications: B-MAX, C-MAX, Fiesta, Focus, Galaxy, Grand C-MAX, Kuga, Mondeo, S-MAX, Tourneo, Connect, Transit Connect

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    Rivet Gun – Swivel Head With 75 Rivets

    Product Description:
    Swivel Head Rivet Gun
    With 4 Interchangeable Tips 2.4 / 3.2 / 4.0 / 4.8mm and 75 Rivets

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