Heavy Duty 3lb AXE Hatchet Hammer Fibreglass Handle Log Splitter Wood

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Axe Hammer – 3 lb Log Splitter
3lb Axe Hammer or Log Splitter
Handle bonded to body
High Quality Unbreakable Fibreglass Core
High Grade Steel Head
Elastomer Coated Handle for Optimal Comfort and Grip
Ergonomically Shaped Polypropylene Understructure

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Introducing our 3 lb Axe Hammer, a versatile tool designed for efficient log splitting and various cutting tasks. The handle is expertly bonded to the body, ensuring durability and reliability. Crafted with a high-quality unbreakable fiberglass core and a robust steel head, this tool is built to withstand rigorous use. The elastomer-coated handle provides optimal comfort and grip, enhancing your control during operation. The ergonomically shaped polypropylene understructure adds to the overall user-friendly design. Trust in the strength and performance of this Axe Hammer for your splitting and cutting needs.

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