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A selection of popular staples for a Hot Stapler.

50 x pre-cut Flat Staples 0.8mm
50 x pre-cut Wave Staples 0.8mm
50 x pre-cut Inside Corner Staples 0.8mm
50 x standard Flat Staples 0.6mm
50 x standard Wave Staples 0.6mm
50 x standard Outside Corner Staples 0.6mm
Supplied in handy storage case

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In stock

In stock


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  • Exhaust Service tools


    A set of shallow and deep sockets to remove EGT (Exhaust Gas Temperature) sensors.

    • Sizes: 13mm, 14mm and 17mm
    • Shallow and deep
    • 3/8″ Drive

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  • Fuel System Tools

    Diesel Fuel Filter Lever – Vag

    The Diesel Fuel Filter lever has been designed to allow the re-assembly of the filter housing without bending or damaging the gasket face or gasket material.
    For 2.0 TDI common rail engines equipped with UFI paper diesel fuel filter elements
    Applications: Audi, Volkswagen, Skoda, Seat
    Time and cost saving
    Helps ensures correct fitment of fuel filter housing top
    Multi-adjustable, six-stage lever adjustment opening makes a large
    working area possible.

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  • Cylinder & Valve Tools

    Valve Stem Seal Ring Plier 270mm

    For easy removing of deep valve stem seals on multi valve engines
    Length 270 mm
    For VW, OPEL, FORD and many others

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  • Bearing & Bushing Tools

    Front Wheel Bearing Puller For Ford Transit As Of 2006

    Engineered for safe in-situ removal of the drive flange from the bearing/hub unit when replacing brake discs.
    This allows the drive flange to be split from the hub assembly and then re-used.
    Consisting of:
    – puller with retaining key
    – screw set (5 pcs)
    – pressure plate (large)
    – pressure plate (small)
    – spindle with hex. drive
    Allows renewing the drive flange without replacing the wheel hub

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