Code: DT65267


Includes sizes:
PH1 x 80mm
PH2 x 38mm
PH1 x 150mm
PH2 x 100mm
4.0 x 80mm
5.5 x 38mm
6.5 x 125mm
8.0 x 150mm.

14.00 Exc. VAT 11.38

In stock

In stock


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  • Boards & Seats

    Rolling Work Seat

    Size: 18” x 13.4” x 12.4”
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  • Press & Pull Tools

    3-arm Universal Puller Set

    The tool you’re describing seems to be a versatile puller set with various components designed for different applications, especially in confined or narrow spaces. Here’s a breakdown of the key features based on your description:

    **Telescopic Puller Set:**

    1. **Puller Legs in Different Sizes:**
    – The set includes puller legs in various sizes, allowing for flexibility in handling different applications and accommodating narrow spaces.

    2. **Versatile Pulling Legs:**
    – The pulling legs are designed for versatility, making them suitable for various tasks where a puller is needed.

    3. **Space-Efficient Storage:**
    – The design of the tool allows for easy storage on workshop walls, contributing to a neat and organized workspace.

    4. **Adjustable Clamping Depths:**
    – The puller set provides all the required clamping depths, and the user can easily adjust them based on the specific needs of the task.

    5. **2-Leg and 3-Leg Sliding Bars:**
    – The set includes both 2-leg and 3-leg sliding bars, offering options for different pulling configurations.

    6. **Arms in Different Lengths:**
    – The arms come in varying lengths (100mm, 200mm, and 250mm), providing options to suit different scenarios.

    7. **Fine Thread Spindles:**
    – The inclusion of fine thread spindles (160mm and 270mm) enhances precision and control during the pulling process.

    8. **Hanging Convenience:**
    – The tool is designed to be hung up on workshop walls, providing easy access and convenience for users.

    This puller set appears to be a comprehensive and adaptable solution for a range of pulling tasks, making it valuable for both professional mechanics and DIY enthusiasts. It’s important to follow proper safety guidelines and usage instructions to ensure efficient and secure operation.

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