7 Pc Lube Accessory Kit In Bmc

Code: ct1206

Product Description:
7pc Grease Gun Adaptor Kit
This kit contains adaptors and extensions to make almost any lubricating job easy.
1 Press-on 90 degree angle for inaccessible grease fittings.
2 Straight Extension – Use to lubricate grease fittings where obstructions will not permit the use of hydraulic coupler.
3 12 inch Hose Extension – Provides flexibility to tools with rigid extensions. Provides additional reach where needed
4 Slide-on 90 degree Coupler – Locks onto fittings that conventional couplers cannot.
5 Rubber Tipped Nozzle – Lubricates machinery utilising grease plugs. Lubricates spindles and capped lube ports.
6 Needle Nozzle – Allows operator to contact flush-type or hard to reach hydraulic-type fittings.
7 360 degree Coupler for full swivel 2 inch steel extension tube and locking sleeve.
For use with all leading brands of manual grease guns.

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In stock


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