7 Pc Lube Accessory Kit In Bmc

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Product Description:
7pc Grease Gun Adaptor Kit
This kit contains adaptors and extensions to make almost any lubricating job easy.
1 Press-on 90 degree angle for inaccessible grease fittings.
2 Straight Extension – Use to lubricate grease fittings where obstructions will not permit the use of hydraulic coupler.
3 12 inch Hose Extension – Provides flexibility to tools with rigid extensions. Provides additional reach where needed
4 Slide-on 90 degree Coupler – Locks onto fittings that conventional couplers cannot.
5 Rubber Tipped Nozzle – Lubricates machinery utilising grease plugs. Lubricates spindles and capped lube ports.
6 Needle Nozzle – Allows operator to contact flush-type or hard to reach hydraulic-type fittings.
7 360 degree Coupler for full swivel 2 inch steel extension tube and locking sleeve.
For use with all leading brands of manual grease guns.

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In stock


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    • Sizes: 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, and 19mm
    • Smooth 72 teeth ratchet action
    • Body made from 40 CRV with HRC 42-49
    • Canvas storage pouch

    Approximate lengths:
    8mm – 90mm
    9mm – 93mm
    10mm – 96mm
    11mm – 100mm
    12mm – 104mm
    13mm – 108mm
    14mm – 115mm
    15mm – 118mm
    16mm – 122mm
    17mm – 128mm
    18mm – 132mm
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  • Grease Guns

    Push Type Mini Grease Gun+100g Grease Tube

    Mini Grease Gun Plus 100g Grease Tube
    Ideal for Precise Lubrication
    like Bike Maintenance

    Screw the Mini Gun onto the tube of grease and tighten.
    Push the button Several times until resistance is felt to bleed air from the pump.
    Push the button gently and steadily to apply grease,
    delivery will stop when the button is released.
    Max. Pressure : 1000psiDelivery 18g / 40strokes
    • N.L.G.I. : #2 Grade
    Dropping Point : 180°C ( 356°F )
    Usage Temperature Range : -10°C~ 120°C ( 257°F )
    Net Weight : 100 g/PC

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