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7.5″” / 19cm.
Integrated hook for hanging

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In stock


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  • 101pc Tools Set
    Sockets, Ratchets & Acc

    101pc Tools Set


      • 1/2” Drive:
      • 1/4” Drive:
      • 13pcs Bits: T15,20,30 Hex3,4,5,6 FD4,5.5,7 PH1,2,3
      • 1pc 25mm adaptor
      • 3pcs hex key
      • 9pcs Spanners: 8,10,11,12,13,14,15,17,19mm
      • 1 Water Pump Pliers – 10in.
      • 1 Combination Pliers – 8in.
      • 1 Ball Pein Hammer – 32oz
      • 1 Side Cutters – 8in.
      • 1 Ratchet Crimping Plier – 9in.
      • 26pcs Terminals
      • 5pcs Screwdriver: 8X150(PZ2), 6X100(-), 5X38(-), 6X100(PH2), 5X38(PH1)
      • 1pc Test Pen
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  • Assortment Boxes

    36pc Heat Shrink Waterproof Butt Connector Kit

    Explore the 36-piece Butt Connector Kit featuring waterproof heat shrink sleeves. This comprehensive set ensures secure and weather-resistant connections for various wiring applications, providing reliability and protection against environmental factors.

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  • 1012pcs Terminal Assortment
    Assortment Boxes

    1012pc Clips Terminals Connectors Assortment & Cabinet

    This comprehensive terminal assortment brings together a diverse selection of clips, ties, terminals, and connectors. Crafted with industrial-quality hardware, it combines insulated and non-insulated connectors, neatly organized in a storage case and color-coded by size. The plastic storage cabinet features 25 drawers and 50 bin dividers, measuring 11-1/2″ L x 8-7/8″ H x 4-7/8″ W. The assortment includes various connectors like butt connectors, female disconnect insulated connectors, male disconnect insulated connectors, ring terminal insulated connectors, ring terminal non-insulated connectors, spade terminal insulated connectors, spade terminal non-insulated connectors, closed-end connectors, snap splice connectors, alligator clips, and cable ties in different sizes and specifications. This all-inclusive kit is ideal for professional or occasional use, ensuring you have the right terminal for every job.

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  • Accessories

    21 Compartment Organiser Case

    Constructed from strong and durable polypropylene
    21 Compartments.
    Removable compartments which can be moved around to any position for extra space.
    Flip up lid is secured with two plastic clips.
    Ideal for screws, nuts, bolts, fishing hooks, jewlery making & other small tools.
    Approx size: 380 x 310 x 60mm

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