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3PC in 3/8″ Drive:

M6 (48.5mm L): Various applications on European vehicles

M8 (58mm L): Remove and install head and accessory bolts on Mercedes, and remove and install axle shaft bolts on VW and Audi’s

M10 (67.8mm L): Used for cylinder head bolts and drive shaft bolts on Mercedes, and remove and install cylinder head bolts on VW and Audi’s

3PC in 1/2″ Drive:

M12 (108mm L): Remove and install cylinder head bolts on Mercedes, rear toe adjustment on 1999 and newer Audi A6, and axle shaft bolts on new VW’s

M14 (108mm L): Used for 2003 and later VW Touareg front axle bots, 2003 and later Porsche Cayenne front axle boots, various Audi/VW axle boots, plus Audi TT differential mount bolts and transmission drain plug

M16 (108mm L, Tamper Proof): Used for Audi TT clutch and belly pan, various Audi / VW transmission drain plugs, 2003 and later VW Touareg / Porsche Cayenne brake caliper bolts, Detroit Diesel’s flywheel bolts and front crank pullers on 900 and 4000 engine plus head bolts on 900 engine

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