6-12V Heavy Duty Circuit Tester

Code: sd185

Handle Illuminates When Circuit Connection Is Complete.

Sharp Steel Probe Easily Pierces Wire Insulation To Check Circuit.

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In stock



For Dc 6-12Volts Test
Handle Illuminates When Circuit Connection Is Complete
Sharp Steel Probe Easily Pierces Wire Insulation To Check Circuit
Alligator Clip & 4.5Ft Ground Wire
Tests Fuses, Light Sockets Etc & Locates Short Circuits
Spring Flex Protector

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  • 3/4" Ratchet Handle 24 Teeth
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  • Tap And Die Set 32pc Metric Hss
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    Tap And Die Set 32pc Metric Hss

    Introducing our 32-piece High-Speed Steel (HSS) Tap and Die Set – the comprehensive solution for your threading needs. This versatile set equips you with a range of taps and dies in different sizes to handle various threading applications.

    **Key Features:**

    1. **Multiple Sizes:**
    – Contains one tap of coarse, middle, and fine pitch, as well as one die in each of the following sizes:
    – M3x0.5
    – M4x0.7
    – M5x0.8
    – M6x1.0
    – M8x1.25
    – M10x1.5
    – M12x1.75

    2. **Tap and Die Variety:**
    – Coarse, middle, and fine pitch taps for versatility in threading applications.
    – Comprehensive set covering a range of common sizes.

    3. **Convenient Accessories:**
    – Tap wrench for sizes M3-12.
    – Die wrench with a 25mm outer diameter.
    – Screwdriver for added convenience.
    – Screw pitch gauge for accurate measurements.

    Upgrade your workshop or toolkit with our 32pc HSS Tap and Die Set, offering quality and precision for all your threading needs. This set is designed to provide you with the tools necessary for reliable and efficient thread cutting across various applications. Trust in the durability and performance of our HSS tools.

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