4x BLUE CAR TRAILER Tie Down Soft Link Transporter Heavy Duty Ratchet Straps

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Introducing our premium ergonomic ratchet straps, designed to revolutionize your load securing process. Unlike traditional ratchet straps that require an upward motion, our ergonomic design features extended handles meant to be pulled downward, effortlessly securing your loads. This innovative approach significantly reduces the force needed to achieve the correct tension, minimizing strain on your back and arms.

Crafted as a two-part assembly, our heavy-duty ergo ratchet straps boast an impressive rated break force. Each strap is equipped with a double-locking, long, wide-handle ratchet and claw hook ends for secure attachment. Constructed from high-tenacity polyester webbing, these straps ensure reliable and durable performance.

Included in the set are 4 x 5m wheel straps, perfect for securing vehicles to recovery vehicles, towing dollies, and trailers, along with 4 x choker straps to prevent damage to wheels and alloys. Claw hooks fitted on each end allow for easy attachment, while the straps are fully adjustable to fit all wheel sizes. Featuring heavy-duty galvanized ratchets, these straps provide secure load fastening.