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12″, 16″, 18″ and 24″

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  • Tyre Changers & Balancers

    Motorcycle Wheel Balancer

    An economic alternative to an expensive balancing machine
    ALlows static balancing of motorcycle tires up to 740 mm diameter and 320 mm width
    Centering cone: Ø 17 to 29 mm wheel centering
    Painted steel frame with a carbon steel made balancing shaft
    Includes 2 centering cones for centering the wheel
    on the balancing shaft
    Precision ball bearings provide a low-friction pendulum
    motion for precise balancing of the wheel

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  • Accessories

    Tire Bead Retainer

    It is designed to be used for rim clamp tire changers.
    The tool will hold the tire bead below the rim flange so you can easily mount tire to drop center wheels.
    This tool is made from very durable, high quality polymer and the plunger is spring loaded so it will stay in place allowing for hands free use.

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  • Tyre Changers & Balancers

    Portable Tyre Changer With Pry Bar

    Product Description:
    Tyre Changer – Portable with Pry

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