419 pc Metric O-Ring Set

Code: ct0932

20 x R01 ID 3.0mm 14 x R09 ID 13.0mm 10 x R17 ID 20.0mm 10 x R25 ID 33.0mm 20 x R02 ID 4.4mm 13 x R10 ID 14.0mm 10 x R18 ID 22.0mm 10 x R26 ID 34.5mm 18 x R03 ID 5.0mm 14 x R11 ID 16.0mm 10 x R19 ID 23.5mm 10 x R27 ID 36.0mm 23 x R04 ID 7.0mm 14 x R12 ID 18.0mm 10 x R20 ID 25.0mm 10 x R28 ID 38.0mm 23 x R05 ID 10.0mm 13 x R13 ID 19.0mm 10 x R21 ID 26.5mm 10 x R29 ID 41.0mm 23 x R06 ID 13.0mm 14 x R14 ID 21.0mm 10 x R22 ID 28.0mm 10 x R30 ID 44.0mm 14 x R07 ID 10.0mm 13 x R15 ID 22.0mm 10 x R23 ID 30.0mm 10 x R31 ID 47.0mm 13 x R08 ID 11.00mm 10 x R16 ID 18.0mm 10 x R24 ID 31.0mm 10 x R32 ID 50.0mm

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    5pc Front-end Service Set

    Allows Easy Removal Of Most Popular Types Of Pitman Arms, Tie Rods And Ball Joints.
    Press Type Ball Joint Separator Allows For Ball Joint Removal Without Damage To Boots And Other Parts
    Set Includes:
    Pitman Arm/Tie Rod End Puller
    Ball Joint Separator
    Fitman Am Puller
    Ball Joint/Tie Rod End Remover
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    Front End Service
    1. KA-7180
    2. KA-1405
    3. KA-3092 (L)
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    8~10mm (5/16″~13/32″)
    10~12mm (13/32″~15/32″)
    12~14mm (15/32″~9/19″)
    15~17mm (9/32″~11/16″)
    17~20mm (11/16″~25/32″)
    20~24mm (25/32″~15/16″)
    25~29mm (1″~1-1/8″)
    30~32mm (1-3/16″~1-1/4″)”
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    5 X open sided adaptors: f16mm, 19mm,23mm,25mm,30mm
    3 X extension screws: 70mm, 110mm and 120mm length
    1 X compression bar
    1 X telescopic magnetic pick
    1 X tweezers
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