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Product Description:

For removal of diesel injectors
Various adaptors make the kit suitable for most diesel injectors


Includes also the following components:

3 different slide hammers:

1.6 kg, 160 mm length
2.7 kg, 460 mm length
5.1 kg, 600 mm length


2 pulling claws with fork opening:

13.7 x 18 mm, 105 mm length
12.7 x 19 mm, 130 mm length

5 slotted 6-pt 1/2″ sockets, 100 mm length sizes 25 – 27 – 28 – 29 – 30 mm

injector extractor, sleeve design, with shells outer diameter 35 mm,internal diameter 29 mm,M17 x 1.0 spindle

pulling adapter with external thread M27 x 1.0 (3pcs) and M25 x 1.0

pulling adapter with internal thread M27 x 1.0 (3pcs)

sliding hammer adapter for inner, outer and claw extractor


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Introducing our Diesel Injector Removal Kit—a comprehensive solution designed for the efficient and precise removal of diesel injectors. This versatile kit is equipped with various adaptors, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of diesel injectors, making it an essential tool for automotive professionals and enthusiasts alike.

Key Features:

1. Various Adaptors: The kit comes with a range of adaptors, making it suitable for most diesel injectors. These adaptors enhance the versatility of the kit, allowing for seamless application across different injector types and models.

2. Slide Hammers: The kit includes three slide hammers of varying weights and lengths to cater to different extraction needs:

  • 1.6 kg, 160 mm length
  • 2.7 kg, 460 mm length
  • 5.1 kg, 600 mm length

3. Pulling Claws with Fork Opening: Two pulling claws with fork openings are provided for added flexibility:

  • 13.7 x 18 mm, 105 mm length
  • 12.7 x 19 mm, 130 mm length

4. Slotted 6-pt 1/2″ Sockets: A set of five slotted sockets, each 100 mm in length, covering sizes 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, and 30 mm. These sockets ensure a secure fit and efficient removal of diesel injectors.

5. Injector Extractor (Sleeve Design): Featuring a sleeve design with shells, the extractor has an outer diameter of 35 mm and an internal diameter of 29 mm. The M17 x 1.0 spindle ensures a robust grip for effective extraction.

6. Pulling Adapters: The kit includes pulling adapters with external threads M27 x 1.0 (3pcs) and M25 x 1.0, as well as internal threads M27 x 1.0 (3pcs). These adapters provide compatibility with various injector types, ensuring a versatile and reliable extraction process.

7. Sliding Hammer Adapter: Specifically designed for use with inner, outer, and claw extractors, the sliding hammer adapter adds another layer of adaptability to the kit.

Upgrade your diesel injector removal capabilities with our Diesel Injector Removal Kit—your go-to solution for precision, efficiency, and versatility in the removal of diesel injectors.