4-piece Oil Dipstick Gauge Set For Mercedes Benz

Code: ct4080

4 dipsticks for measuring the oil of the engine and the transmission
Absolutely necessary after changing the oil, because vehicles are delivered without oil gauges
Suitable for the following models:
Blue:930mm long
For engine oil on M112, M113, 646, 647, 648
Green:920mm long
For gearbox oil on 722.7_P, 722.8_P, 716.5_V
Yellow:930mm long
For engine oil on 103.943/984/985, 104, 111,
119, 120, 137.603/913/963/97, 604, 605, 606,
611, 612, 613, 628, 612.965
Red:1220mm long
For gearbox oil on 722.6_L, G, P, V

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In stock


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