3 Piece Air Blow Gun Kit

Code: ct4697

1 mini air blow gun with safety tip.
1 regular blow gun.
1 air blow gun with turbo venturi tip.
A valuable assortment with 3 blow guns for a variety of applications.

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    3-arm Universal Puller Set

    The tool you’re describing seems to be a versatile puller set with various components designed for different applications, especially in confined or narrow spaces. Here’s a breakdown of the key features based on your description:

    **Telescopic Puller Set:**

    1. **Puller Legs in Different Sizes:**
    – The set includes puller legs in various sizes, allowing for flexibility in handling different applications and accommodating narrow spaces.

    2. **Versatile Pulling Legs:**
    – The pulling legs are designed for versatility, making them suitable for various tasks where a puller is needed.

    3. **Space-Efficient Storage:**
    – The design of the tool allows for easy storage on workshop walls, contributing to a neat and organized workspace.

    4. **Adjustable Clamping Depths:**
    – The puller set provides all the required clamping depths, and the user can easily adjust them based on the specific needs of the task.

    5. **2-Leg and 3-Leg Sliding Bars:**
    – The set includes both 2-leg and 3-leg sliding bars, offering options for different pulling configurations.

    6. **Arms in Different Lengths:**
    – The arms come in varying lengths (100mm, 200mm, and 250mm), providing options to suit different scenarios.

    7. **Fine Thread Spindles:**
    – The inclusion of fine thread spindles (160mm and 270mm) enhances precision and control during the pulling process.

    8. **Hanging Convenience:**
    – The tool is designed to be hung up on workshop walls, providing easy access and convenience for users.

    This puller set appears to be a comprehensive and adaptable solution for a range of pulling tasks, making it valuable for both professional mechanics and DIY enthusiasts. It’s important to follow proper safety guidelines and usage instructions to ensure efficient and secure operation.

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  • Belt & pulley Tools

    Camshaft Drive Belt Pulley For Vw & Audi

    The Camshaft Drive Belt Pulley for VW & Audi is a specialized tool designed for the removal of camshaft sprockets on a variety of VW and Audi engines. This puller is equipped with 17mm and 23mm pulling arms, ensuring compatibility with different camshaft sprocket sizes. The tool is specifically applicable to VW and Audi engines with the following designations: AEB, AHA, AKB, ALH, APB, APH, ART, ATC, ATQ, ATW, AUM, AUX, AUG, AWD, AWN, and AWP.

    Key features of this Camshaft Drive Belt Pulley Puller include:

    1. **Specialized Design:** Engineered specifically for removing camshaft sprockets on VW and Audi engines, providing a precise and efficient solution.

    2. **Pulling Arms:** Comes with 17mm and 23mm pulling arms to accommodate different camshaft sprocket sizes found in the specified VW and Audi engine models.

    3. **Applicability:** Designed for use with a variety of VW and Audi engines, including but not limited to AEB, AHA, AKB, ALH, APB, APH, ART, ATC, ATQ, ATW, AUM, AUX, AUG, AWD, AWN, and AWP.

    This tool is a valuable asset for automotive professionals and enthusiasts working on VW and Audi engines, ensuring the efficient and proper removal of camshaft sprockets during maintenance or repair tasks.

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  • Cylinder & Valve Tools

    Universal Valve Spring Remover / Installer

    Introducing our Universal Valve Spring Remover/Installer, a specially designed tool for efficiently removing and installing valve springs and oil seals in most vehicles. This tool utilizes pressurized air to close the valve ports, making it a versatile and convenient solution for various engine types. It is particularly suitable for BMW, Ford, Mercedes, Mitsubishi, Toyota, and VAG (Volkswagen Auto Group) vehicles.

    Key Features:

    1. **Pressurized Air Operation:**
    – Utilizes pressurized air to close valve ports, facilitating the easy removal and installation of valve springs and oil seals.

    2. **Wide Vehicle Compatibility:**
    – Suitable for use with a variety of vehicles, including BMW, Ford, Mercedes, Mitsubishi, Toyota, and VAG vehicles.

    3. **Compact Design for Narrow Spaces:**
    – Works effectively in narrow space conditions, allowing for efficient valve spring and oil seal operations in confined engine compartments.

    4. **Versatile Engine Applications:**
    – Especially suitable for a range of Mercedes Benz and BMW engines, including M102, M103, M104, M111, M112, M113, M271, M272, N42, N52, N62, M54, M52, M56, E38, M60, and V8.

    5. **Efficient Valve Maintenance:**
    – Streamlines the valve spring and oil seal maintenance process, making it an essential tool for professional mechanics and DIY enthusiasts.

    Upgrade your toolkit with the Universal Valve Spring Remover/Installer, providing a reliable and efficient solution for valve spring and oil seal operations across a diverse range of vehicles. Whether you’re working on Mercedes Benz, BMW, or other compatible engines, this tool ensures precision and ease in valve maintenance tasks.

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  • Air Tools

    Air Blow Gun- 20in

    20in. Angled Alll Brass Nozzle With Nylon Handle
    1/4in. Npt Brass Inlet
    Working Pressure 75-120psi (5.0-8kgs)
    Max Pressure 220psi (15kgs)
    Sound Pressure 85-90db
    Air Consumption:
    1/4in. Hose 13 Cfm-350 L-Min
    3/8in. Hose 15 Cfm-430 L-Min

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