3/4″ Torque Setting Angular Gauge, Magnetic Arm

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3/4″ Torque Setting Angular Gauge, Magnetic Arm

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In stock


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  • Air Tools

    Pneumatic Sand Blasting Gun

    Pneumatic blasting gun can adjust the blasting flow.
    Aluminium body is light and portable, easy to operate
    Various types of sand can be used: such as steel sand, silicon carbide, glass beads, etc.
    Dedicated to all kinds of light and small metal corners, spray polishing, raw edges, rust removal details.
    Air inlet Size: 1/4″
    Working Pressure: 90PSI
    Air Consumption: 7 CFM
    Pot Capacity: 600ml

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  • Sockets, Ratchets & Acc

    Digital Torque Wrench-1/2″dr -40-200nm

    Especially for lug nut.
    Accuracy: +/-2%
    Backlight: Yes
    Alert mode: LED, audiuble.
    Battery: AAA x 3pcs
    Auto shout off: 150 secs
    Pre-fixed sets: 5sets
    Pre-fixed reading: Nm: 90,110,135,160,190 or Lb-ft: 65,80,100,120,140.
    Accuracy Range: 40-200Nm
    Display resolution: 0.1 Nm.
    Length: 480mm
    Complies with EMC Directive 2004/108/EC Standards

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  • Air Tools


    Dual action air sander with keyless pad release.

    • Ergonomic design with rubber protective grip
    • Dual action pad motion creates swirl-free finishes
    • Keyless pad release mechanism
    • Downward exhaust directs dust and air away from work

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  • Brake Service Tools

    Speedy Brake Pad Compressor

    Compresses Brake Pistons In Seconds.
    Squeeze the handle and the fast acting plunger compresses disc brake pistons in seconds.
    Makes brake pad replacement an easy job.

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